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To overcome the problem posed by surface movement of thermal coal required by Thermal Power Stations (TPS) of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) for sustaining power generation activity, the Government of Tamil Nadu decided in December, 1973 to create an agency in the State Sector for organizing ocean movement of coal. Pursuant to the decision, POOMPUHAR SHIPPING CORPORATION LIMITED (PSC) was incorporated on 11th April, 1974 under the Companies Act, 1956.

In the formative period, following its incorporation, the Company carried on its coal moving activity with the help of two second-hand vessels (m.v. Tamil Anna with a capacity of 7750 DWT acquired on 9th December, 1974 and m.v. Tamil Periyar with a capacity of 11250 DWT acquired on 20th December, 1974) which were finally scrapped in January, 1979 and February, 1981 respectively, in view of their uneconomic operations.

Since the decommissioning of the two second-hand vessels, the Company persisted with the arrangement of transporting coal to TNEB’s Thermal Power Stations through vessels taken on time charter.

In Company’s assessment, the most economical and optimum transportation of coal was achievable if only coal was transported through its own vessels. With this aim in view, the Company began building up a fleet of its own vessels through phased induction, in the first stage of three bulk carriers (m.v. Tamil Anna with 39985 DWT in August 1985, m.v. Tamil Periyar with 39990 DWT in September 1986 and m.v. Tamil Kamaraj with 39990 DWT in January, 1987) specially designed to suit the limited draft conditions between Haldia and Tuticorin Ports into its service, purchasing them through Global Tenders from a Japanese Ship building Company using funds borrowed from a foreign branch of nationalized bank (Tokyo Branch of State Bank of India) and a foreign bank (Bank of Tokyo). These three vessels are modern bulk carriers equipped with latest navigational facilities and other safety measures.

  Marine Repair Workshop at Tuticorin:

A repair workshop for the FELs was established at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs close to the Coal Jetty and started functioning from July, 1989. The Workshop possess adequate facilities to undertake the servicing and all types of repairs to Front End Loaders. This has reduced down time on the Front End Loaders since commissioning the Workshop has resulted in approx. 20% increase in the rate of coal discharge.

Since there was also need to undertake marine repairs for our own vessels particularly related to the cranes, grabs other ship board machinery and ship’s structure, the workshop has now been equipped with general purpose machines, such as lathe, drilling machine, welding set etc. Skilled workmen suitable for undertaking ship repair work have been recruited for marine workshop. However, in the meantime, any major overhaul of ship’s cranes, grabs another machinery are being undertaken by engaging casual / contract labourers besides getting assistance from other available workshops.

In addition to the above repairs, we have been able to undertake repairs to some of the Coast Guard vessels stationed at Tuticorin Port. It is hoped that in the years to come, with additional trained skilled manpower marine workshop at Tuticorin will be able to undertake all kinds of repair works not only for our own vessels, but also for other vessels calling at Tuticorin Port.